About Us

Finding Evolution in Every Turn

I started as a therapist. My initial goal was to give a better and more comfortable day to day life to my clients. In order to be able to help those who seek my help I  kept on improving myself and my work.

There were many disappointment situations along the way, but the worse one is the interpretation that everyone has about a massage, because of that I decided in 2020 to establish my association - WWAHT - and re-educate those that have a wrong idea about the holistic treatments.

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Us, our goal and vision

Our mission is to be here for our members, practitioners, health professionals and associated schools. We would like to, as much as possible, build bridges between all professionals that are specialized in health. It doesn't matter the profession, it can be a doctor, a physical therapist or a masseuse. We all can work together and recognize each other's as a professional that can improve a patient life.

Our vision is that anyone related with the wellness and holistic world use their knowledge for others and by showing that our work can help we can be recognize also as health professionals. 

Most of the existing associations have limitation on the their statute, as example, massage associations can only promote events related with massage never for beauty, yoga, .... Others are also limited by the geographical zone.

 Our legal statute is as described:


Art.1. the association bears the name World Wellness and Holistic Therapies


Art.2. the seat of the association is located in the Flemish Region


Art.3. the association aims to provide administrative support, as well as to promote, make known and disseminate national and abroad training courses, workshops, competitions, congresses, camps, ... which it considers interesting. It can set up activities aimed at making the general public more familiar with contemporary wellness and yoga, as well as bringing together a specialized audience, both within Belgium and abroad. To this end, it can organize and co-organize events, performances, parties and activities of all kinds. To this end, it can undertake all activities that can further the goal.
It is to undertake commercial deeds in so far as they are in accordance with purpose. It can own or acquire all movable and immovable property that it needs for the realization of its purpose and can exercise all property rights and other rights in rem in them."

Our by-laws

Meet The Team

Claudia-Oana Mosoiu

Founding Member

As a Founding Member I invite you, with all my heart, to join us and together to give new meanings and perspectives to these therapies.

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Radu Dan Gligor


“I have learned that in life it is important to be, not to have. Being, you acquire … the company of people relaxed and without stress, who know what beauty means.
A true therapist is the one who knows how to take in his hands his own being, who knows how to first understand him and then those around him."

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Mukti Michael Buck


Mukti is a great professional that always gave his best to the profession and to anyone that want to learn about health, wellness and holistic treatments.

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Olena Soboruk


Olena is very proud of her profession and her knowledge and she devotes all her time and energy to improve herself and her students.

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Our Members

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