Event Rules



  1. In order for a category to proceed it is mandatory a minimum of 10 registrations - in case we don't have the minimum registrations for a specific category we will contact the participant so he/she can choose a different category;

  2. Each participant can register in 1 or 2 categories;

  3. Price for 1 category is 200€ + 5€ fee (only charge with online register); for 2 categories is 360€ + 5€ fee (only charge with online register);

  4. Participants are allowed to wear personal sponsorship clothing or any other National suit that fits the category. Participants must wear sports shoes, sports pants or yoga pants, T-shirts etc.. Shoes are not allowed in any type of massage where is done in a mattress;

  5. Participants are to bring their own mattress, sheets, towels, tools, etc.. 

  6. We strongly recommend for our participants to bring their own massage table and chair table. If not possible we have available equipments;

  7. The recipient of the massage must wear underwear at all times and have covered their chest (if she is a woman). Any area which is not being worked on must be covered/draped.

  8. No unauthorized cameras are allowed during the rounds and the final. Unauthorized use of cameras and recordings can result in expulsion.

  9. Insurance – It is your own insurance that covers both you and the participant you treat during the competition.

  10. There is an absolute zero tolerance policy concerning inappropriate behavior. Any massage of sensual/sexual nature would result in immediate disqualification and expulsion from the Championship.

  11. All participants are required to receive massage, as well as giving massages. If necessary we will arrange for suitable candidates/massage recipients in particular cases.

  12. No chiropractic and osteopathic manipulations are allowed during the competition.

Competition area:

  1. The competition area is divided accordingly with our schedule. We do recommend our participants to bring their own equipment, in case it is not possible there are 25 massage tables available, as well 5 chairs for the chair massage. Height of tables will be adjusted by the participants.

  2. Please note, there are no shower facilities.

  3. Participants will be divided into groups of three.

  4. The location of table/mattress/chair and receiver for each participant will be chosen by lot. Duration of each round is 60 minutes.

The Judges:

The Judges are all highly skilled within their categories.

They are an independent entity from WWAHT. That way until the end of each championship there are no type of influence by the association or any of its members. 

Judges will evaluate the participants in the following areas with a point system:

  • Techniques

  • Ergonomics

  • Flow 

  • Environment of work

  • Innovation and Development of new methods

  • Interaction with the receiver

All decisions regarding the category's evaluation are made collective within the group of judges that observed that category.

The Final:

  1. The Duration of the Final is 60 minutes.

  2. The massage recipients will be professional therapists and they will hand up to 5 points depending on their experience of the massage they received.

  3. The head judges are able to hand out 1 points each to only one finalist.

  4. The winner will be the massage therapist who gets the most points, and he/she is appointed as Overall Champion in our Event of that year.

Why compete in our events?

  1. You have the opportunity to be recognized for your merits. Now you can be rewarded for your performance;

  2. It attracts new clients by being designated the best specialist on a specific therapy. The best ones will be promoted on our site and any social media that our association have for 1 year;

  3. Win prizes. From diplomas, medals, trophies to gift products or monetary prizes; 

  4. Trust and experience. Are you afraid you won't win something this year? Are you waiting to see what is like to sign up next year? Our advise is to participate relaxed, without pressure. Consider it a preparation for the next championship;

  5. Improve your techniques. Our judges can advise you on how to improve your techniques;

  6. You become a better specialist. You are actively pursuing your technique's perfection and you are motivated to go beyond your limits and leave your comfort zone;

This ensures your success in your career, regardless of the result in the event.