Refund Policy

What is a Refund policy?

A refund policy is an informative document where our customers are informed about their rights to get their money back after a purchase. 

NON-Refundable Items

Tickets – any event that in order to participate it is necessary to purchase a ticket;
Services – any service provided by us;


Our Terms


All of our ​services are online.

When we promote an event on which it is necessary to purchase tickets, after the purchase is finalized there are no possibility of being refund unless there is the need to cancel that event.

It may be unusual to cancel any type of event but there are a possibility in the following situations:

1. One month before the event we do not have the minimum number of participants necessary to create the best experience for that event;

2. Forced or imposed by the government;

3. Any other situation that can not be controlled by our association;



A member has the right to cancel any time, the same way that we, as an association, have the right to cancel his/her membership if we have proves that the member does not follow our standards of practice.

There are no refunds in case of cancellation.

If you have an issue or question, please contact us to discuss your options at